While many glasses come with their own case they're often big and bulky making them a pain to carry.

With the help of an amazing Australian design team our mission was to create a slimline glasses case that would give you more space, protect your glasses and be versatile to use for your glasses and sunglasses.


Goodbye bulk. Hello space. The Fox and Leo case is slim. Slim when you use it and slim when you don't. Freeing up your head space trying to figure out how the fox you're going carry all the things you need on the go. 



There’s nothing worse than spending a Fox load of money on glasses, only to have them damaged because you've left them to fend for themselves unprotected.

We've inserted a light-weight curved metal plate inside the case giving your glasses the protection they need from being damaged.



If you’re over carrying two glasses cases – we see you, we know your pain. It’s one of the reasons Fox and Leo was born.

The Fox and Leo case has been designed to fit prescription glasses and sunglasses in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Big and small. So you can use one case to interchange between your glasses and sunnies.



It's time to inject some fashion into the glasses case. No longer is it going to be the poor cousin to handbags or other fashion accessories.

Its sleek eye catching design includes clever minimalist angles making it a fashion accessory you’ll love carrying with you. 

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